The first step is to make sure all the players participating in the event are on the “event roster”. You can find this roster by going into the Team Management tab on your gotsport account. Here, click on the team you need to check and then go to rosters. The system will prompt you to select an event roster. Here, click on Cruces Cup 2024. This will show you the players on your  event roster for the tournament. ONLY THE PLAYERS ON THIS ROSTER will be allowed to play!!!

Make sure all the players are there. 


If you are having issues editing your roster, or don’t see the ADD PLAYER button it might be that your league or club has locked your roster. Contact them for help on this issue. LCYSA has no control over "locked" players. 


For this event we will be using an EVENT ROSTER for pre-game check in with the referees and as such your event roster must include the following:

1.     Every player must have a clear and identifiable picture

2.     Every player must have a name and date of birth

3.     Every player must have a jersey number

 Once all the players playing in the tournament are on the roster, I will need you to send ONE of the following:

1.     A picture or PDF of your player/coaches ID cards. I must be able to zoom in on each card to check it against your roster.  


2.     A PDF version of your Virtual ID cards. You can get this from your league.

***U7 & U8 Only***

A picture of your Official league roster with PICTURES


Once I receive one of the above forms of player verification, I will check off all players against the “event roster.” Once I check every player is eligible to play, I will send you a copy of your EVENT ROSTER and if you sign off on it then you will be good to go! All you will need to do is print out a COLOR HARD COPY OF THE ROSTER to show to the referee before every game.



*Includes coaches and players

Check in information should be sent to in the following format:

Subject: Check in - Your team name - Event Title

*Include any information you want me to know

*Attach documents

****5/29/24 by 9pm is the last day for online check in****

****LOCAL TEAMS ONLY: May check in at the LCYSA office until 6pm on 5/30/24****